February 11, 2021


Winter work progresses at the golf course maintenance building with an emphasis in the next few weeks on inspection, rebuilding, and spin grinding of mower reels to prepare for the 2021 season.  This process includes:

  • Removing and cleaning cutting units from all of our reel mowers. Our green, fairway, and tee mowers all use reel type cutting units and we have a total of 38 reels in our inventory.
  • Reels are inspected and bearings are replaced on reels that have higher hours on them.
  • Bedknives are usually replaced.
  • Once these processes are complete, both the reels and bedknives are sharpened using grinding equipment.
  • Reels are assembled and adjusted.
  • On a side note, we sometimes assist other golf courses in the area by sharpening their cutting units. Helping other facilities is good for the industry as a whole and builds goodwill with other golf courses.  The revenue generated by this is helpful as well.


Completed Reels Nemadji 2-11-2021

The following page from a Toro service manual should be helpful in explaining the basic principles of the reel mower:

Caring for a golf course requires all sorts of equipment-especially true in modern times where technology becomes more advanced and the conditions required by the modern player become more demanding.  This equipment, in turn, requires maintenance in its own right and winter provides us with an opportunity to get much of this work done.

Golf course equipment has come a long way in the past 100 years.  For your viewing enjoyment, I have a link to some photographs from the past that show you just how much things have changed over the years:


I cannot imagine some of the difficulties-especially in the area of employee safety-that old school greenkeepers must have dealt with.  Interesting stuff.

Have a great February and stay warm.